7 Rain Boots for Your April Showers


April showers bring May flowers, right?

At this rate, I’m going to have enough May flowers to fill up the entire Epcot Flower & Garden Festival for next year. (Yes I made a Disney World reference, deal with it.)

We’ve been through about 4 flash flood incidents in 3 days and the ground is looking a little…saturated. Our property is flooded, my current driveway is a wreck and getting to work takes an ark.

3 years ago, I invested in a pair of Hunter rain boots. At the time, I thought they were cute and would get some use out of them. Never would I have thought that I would be using them as their actually supposed to be used – you know, like trudging through mud, using them in a horse yard and getting around ankle deep water in a field.

What is life.

Because of these situations, I tend to keep one pair of rain boots at home and another in the car (because sometimes you don’t go home before you’re trapped in a slush of mud). My bean boots are my savior and tend to be the shoes that are kept in the trunk. (Word to the wise, they run large, so order a size down if you’re getting some!) These kicks took me through college, camp counselor-ing and still take a front seat in my rain gear kit…don’t tell Hunter, but these might have been the better investment!

What kind of rain boots are your favorite? I could be looking into adding a third pair for The Boy’s truck!




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