I grew up in the water. Always a swimmer, never a runner. Why would I ever do that?

Mid-twenties and I’m transplanted back to my hometown. I was unsure of my place, my life and my new world. One night, while having dinner of a few (read: many) margaritas, the idea of a half marathon came into conversation.And I said yes. What?

Ever since that fateful night in September of 2012, I’ve devoted all of my spare time to becoming the best I can be with the plenty that God gave me. I work on it every day on the road, in the gym, in the pool and in encouraging others to live healthy lifestyles.

In January 2015, I married the Boy and we now live in a small town in South Louisiana. We’re growing together in a new life and I can’t wait to show you where we’re headed – horses, chickens, vegetables and all.
This is my lifestyle diary: from inspiration, to fashion, to fitness, run with me and hopefully we can support each other along the way. My legs need all the help they can get.


A Little Fine Print

I’m just your normal Joe, so with that being said:
Please consult your doctor before you start any personal fitness regimen. What works for me, may not work for you. I am not a personal trainer, nutritionist or dietitian. Just your pal trying to make it work and stay positive! One work out or training plan may not fit all, please modify to fit your needs and timeline. Baby steps pave the way to success!
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Let’s always remember, however, that this mouth cannot be tamed! All opinions are my own! Mine, not yours.
All pictures, unless otherwise noted, are taken by the Running On Plenty team & I hope you would link back any pictures/content that you use to this site! I work hard peeps!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!