Listening to Talk

I read an article a few days ago from The Everygirl on a Southern Living Associate Editor named Lacy Morris.

Usually, I read articles like this and it goes in one eyeball, out the other – taking it all in, and thinking “Oh, that was good!”, then kind of just moving along with my everyday life.

However, this article stuck with me. Morris has some great advice – especially when she lists out the advice she’d give to her 23-year-old self. I’ve never seen a more well thought out and put together culmination of advice. Every bit of it struck me.

A little earlier in the article, she mentions something that one of her editor’s at her past gig (Marie Claire) had taped on her computer. It read “SYM” – standing for “shut your mouth.”

It’s now taped to my monitor just like it was taped to hers. It’s there to remind me to keep my head down, keep moving and to tune out all of the politics of life. I’m re-reading #GirlBoss, too, so maybe this is a start of a new motivation phase for me and my career (all like 3,000 of them).

How do you take SYM? What are your thoughts?

Oh yeah, take the time to read that article today.

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