Long Weekend Rewind + Tuesday

I’ve been radio silent the past few days. It’s been really really nice. This long weekend, I was extra busy – not holding on to my phone and not checking the ‘Gram 20 times an hour. And it was super nice.

Up until this point, people have commented to me “You are so calm, you know you have (x) number of days until the wedding, right?” And I’d respond, “Yes, I’m good!”

Well good starts to stop at some point and stuff gets real! We’re officially on the home stretch. So in my sanity’s defense, you’ll continue to probably hear radio silence.

This weekend we enjoyed a great sushi meal, cleaned out our temporary home (until our permanent one is built), hung out with The Sissy and moved in a few essentials into what we are calling “The Little House” (said temporary home). There definitely was a lot of cleaning to do, but it felt so good to get it done – and actually have 6 place settings out of storage to feel the open air and whip out my Kitchen Aid Mixer and set it in it’s rightful place on the counter. We won’t be in officially until after the honeymoon, but I’m glad we will be coming back to a somewhat stocked kitchen. (Most importantly, the new Keurig is up and running. Home is where the coffee is.)

This is pretty much how I’m starting to feel these days – bordering that fine line between sane and insane.

Other random updates (mostly from Insta’slam):

1// The bridesmaid dresses came in from Vow To Be Chic. I had questioned whether I was going to mention this part about the dresses before or after the event, but when they came in yesterday – I was too excited not to share. Yes, the dresses are rented. Why? Because everything I want – I can’t make my girls try to afford. Not only is it a little easier on the budget, but my God – the customer service is fantastic. Just beyond.

2// I’ve been drinking apple cider vinegar every morning. No, not like taking it directly (YUCK TIMES A MILLION), but diluting 2 teaspoons in 8 oz of water with honey. I noticed an immediate difference. It controls bloating, gives you a swift kick in the a$$ & fends off hunger pains. Make sure you get the stuff with “the mother” … it makes all the difference. If you don’t believe me, just search Pinterest for apple cider vinegar – the eons of listings about it’s health qualities will appear before your eyes and you will be amazed.

3// Why do some weeks go in hyper-speed? I feel like that’s where I am right now.

4// I’m thinking of becoming a landscape lighting professional. Well, I feel that way now that I spent an hour outside with a wine glass thinking of nothing but light to tree placement.

5// I need everyone to send up a prayer for my 10-day forecast.

6// Workout Wednesday, below:



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