Looking to Self-Care

I’m going to be completely honest: I still am lacking motivation to get out, get up and get moving. This hasn’t happened for this long of a period of time in quite awhile. As I’m finally starting to adjust to other aspects of my new life (read: new town, new job, new house) situations, working out still is being placed on the back burner. I’ve made it through a few weeks of the BBG, however a huge work overload last week had me setting myself up for failure, and leaving me a little down.

This is such a good way to realize for myself that making time for self-care is a concious decision. I have to say “yes” to creating and developing this side of myself. This side that has opened so many doors for me and has developed my relationship with so many people (including the relationship of me with me). It’s kind of like being married (or in some other sort of serious relationship); you have to wake up every morning and say “yes” to that person. 100% all in.

I’m currently obsessed with this podcast called “Being Boss.” (Thanks Cassie for the reccommendation!) It is a podcast for female creative entrepreneurs. They give you the skinny on all things related to being boss, be it for the solo-business owner, the gal who is about to start hiring, or just your average Jo-Ann (hey, like me!) trying to get the most out of your “side hustle.”

These two women run amazing companies, create great works, hustle like a boss, take time for themselves and are successful moms. I’m truly obsessed with the insight they have. A huge piece of the puzzle is getting out and “doing the work.” That applies to both being successful in your job, but also being successful in making time (saying yes) to self-care.

I’m going to make myself say “yes” this afternoon to sweat and treat every day like a new day: scheduling a 30 minute sweat session with myself. I wouldn’t break meetings with my colleagues, so why would I break a meeting with myself?

How are you going to say “yes” to self-care today?

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