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Things look a little different around here these days. In all actuality, the ROP as it was has come and gone, lived and died, over and over in my head a few times. So I decided to figure out what I really wanted out of it. I’m still not quite sure what that is, but moving it over to WordPress, setting up a new layout and balancing my focus is definitely in the cards. This whole kit and caboodle isn’t the final step, so don’t get too attached. I’m learning. And what a HUGE learning curve that is. [Note to anyone who wants to blog ever in life…just suck it up from the beginning and self-host wordpress and stuff…or you’ll end up like me: almost 2 years in, wanting to switch and feeling like a great-grandparent who just discovered the iPhone. Scariness.] I want to be able to show you my hobbies: lettering, living, being active & styling, but not be so cookie cutter. (I also went through a blog hating phase over the past few months. It’s been interesting, really. Have any of you gone through that?)

Things also look a little different around our property! “Manuel St. Blanc” (our house child) was “born” (slab poured) on March 17th. With the sun shining and the bayou waters moving – we’re on a roll. I think it starts to slow down now (or so I’m told) as the progress goes from outside to inside, working on the minute details – electrical, plumbing, you know – the boring stuff. I’m excited for things like brick, siding and paint.

Where are we building, you ask? In the country. This is a key factor in the pace of life being slowed in a big way. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s been a huge adjustment. Springtime is good for my soul, though. The extra daylight in the afternoons lets me appreciate nature in a huge way. That’s good for the body. The long days and the huge amounts of rain were doing a number on my ability to adapt (and workout – yikes).

Do you see my favorite oak tree? There’s going to be a swing there one day.

Did you see me in that window? I know, I’m such a stranger. Here’s what I’m wearing:



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