Vow to be Chic

Vow to be Chic is a website designed for the bride who is a little out of the box and is okay with her bridesmaids renting a dress for the Big Day! For me, I looked high and low for the perfect black long dress and could not find one that I liked anywhere (at least not in a price range that I would have been approving of my besties to spend). I stumbled upon Vow to be Chic, and found their Nicole Miller Felicity option! After doing a touch of research, I decided to propose the idea to Lee & Emily about renting their dresses. They were on board and I was thrilled.

The process of renting their dresses was so easy. We decided to opt for the extra charge of an in-home try-on period (which I totally recommend). Once you plug in your event date and sizes, a wonderful customer service rep contacts you and discusses your try-on period and size concerns. The representative then sends out an email when your try-on is headed your way! Post dress try-on, you let them know what size fits you best and it’s all set!

With most rental companies, you receive your dress a day or two in advance. This is NOT the case with Vow to be Chic. Emily & Lee received their gowns a whole week in advance of the wedding. Talk about piece of mind! The gals were always in contact with us and made the entire process a breeze.

Vow to be Chic has a wide variety of bridesmaid dresses, as well as little wide dresses, too! Two thumbs way up to Monica and the team at Vow to be Chic.

(Oh yeah, and HEY! We got married last month!)

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