Weekly Workout No. 2

How is it Wednesday again!? It fathoms me how time flies so fast. The above is what’s going down this week in terms of my workouts. What’s the Beach Body Guide circuit you ask? Well, let me tell you! It’s my newest ‘Gram obsession. You know how you find yourself going out on a tangent on the ‘gram and you’re 12 circles of friendship from where you started and can’t seem to remember how you got there? That’s how I discovered Kayla. And I’m obsessed.

She has a guide that you can purchase online (it’s an e-book) and follow with her workouts. They are intense – and the before/after photos of her loyal following are CRAZYYYY. So obviously 2 hours later, I realized I was still on her page and decided to check her out. The guide is a pretty penny, so I didn’t commit to it just yet, but I have done a little research and found the workouts for a few days through other outlets.

This works out really well for me this week. I haven’t been able to attend group class, so I’m working out on my own in the mornings. A few banquets, a meeting and a project is all it takes to derail my schedule – so I’m trying to be proactive about it.

On another note, has everyone picked up their copy of Active Acadiana? There’s a familiar face in there talking about goal setting for 2015!!! You can also check it out online, too!



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